Chess Ring

A New York based chess club looking to establish a web presence. Link

Logo & Brand Identity | User Experience Design | Development


Chess Ring is a NYC based chess club that came to life in the historic Washington Square Park. Offering chess tournaments and 1on1 lessons by word of mouth - the time had come to truly build an online presence. Practically this meant a brand identity and a website.

Having no consistent web presence, meant that Chess Ring had no captured identity. It had operated in the New York area for years however, so it was vital that the curated web presence matched the feel of the already thriving club.


Chess Ring at the core is an anti-"posh" chess club. Grassroots, accessible and passionate about the historic game. Chess Ring needed to ensure that it's marketing maintained the rugged nature. Chess Ring needed a brand that was accessible yet unapologetic. That came to life in a set of logos, with warm brown colors that are reminiscent of a oak chess set, but a blocky sans serif font that doesn't beat around the bush.

The website was designed from the same ethos. Meant to mimic the symmetry of a chess board and capture the same brown tones, the site has a familiar feel to it, with an urban twist. The homepage features a clip from a hip hop music video, where rapper Logic faces Chess Ring founder in a chess match at Washington Square Park. The music clip is a clear display of the heart behind Chess Ring and was a crucial aspect in maintaining the integrity of the club as they build a web presence.